Master of Public Administration

Duration 2 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥32,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation


Public Administration

Length of Program

Two Years


Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Professional Profile

  MPA, short for Master of Public Administration,aims to foster the senior practical expertise in Public management and public policy research and analysis, etc; and to provide the government departments and non-government public institutions with the professional administrators and policy analysts who are equipped with theory of modern public management and public policy knowledge and are proficient in a particular policy area with advanced analyzing methodology and skills.


  Theory and Practice of Local Government Management, Public Affairs and Higher Education Administration, Government's Economic Management and Social Development, Public Human Resource Management

Major Courses

  Administration, Public Policy Studies, Organizational Theory and Management, Human Resource Development and Management, Public Economics, Higher Education Administration, Leadership and Decision-making Studies, Local Governments and Regional Economic Studies, etc.

Teaching Faculty

  This major has highly qualified teaching staff—33 professors, 8 associate professors, of which 21 hold doctoral degrees.

Opportunities for Further Study

  MPA degree holders can apply for further study at PhD level in a related field in NanchangUniversity.

Employment Prospects

  Presently, MPA program is very popular in some developed countries in Europe and America. MPA degree holders are mainly engaged in the public sector in various fields, including government departments, non-government public institutions, personnel and administrative departments of enterprises and institutions. They are managers, leaders, policy analysts and senior staff specialized in the management of public affairs and public service in public organizations, especially in government.

Language Requirements

  The language of instruction is Chinese. The applicants are required to pass band six (HSK) (including band six) or above, or as an alternative, to have learned Chinese for a year or more in Nanchang University and have passed all the examinations.

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