Summer Chinese Course

Duration 1 year
Starting Date July
Tuition Fee ¥3,200 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation


1 month (July 20th---August 19thevery year)


Certificate of Chinese Training in NanchangUniversity

Course Description

Experiencing Class

  This class is suitable for starters, aiming at the instruction of Chinese pronunciation, lexicon, grammar, sentence groups, etc., through practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing, to enable students to master the accurate pronunciation, intonation, and skillful writing of Chinese, to meet the students’ basic needs in daily life, study and social activities to a certain degree.

Intensive Class

  This course is suitable for students majored in Chinese or those who have some knowledge of Chinese. Aiming at the instruction of relevant knowledge of language and culture, this course can enable students to overcome cultural barriers, further improve the expressive and communicative ability, so as to communicate fluently and properly in Chinese.

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